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November 10, 2019


Thank You for Your Interest in the 2019 Triangle Chili Challenge!

The Triangle Chili Challenge is a tasty event held in Downtown Cary and in combination with the Downtown Cary Food & Flea; a makers market with over 60 artists & food artisans, live music, beer & wine. Join some of the best restaurants, food trucks, caterers and organizations as they compete for the title of “Best Chili in the Triangle”. We will have a panel of "celebrity" judges, as well as voter cards for the masses that will turn out to try your chili & vote for their favorite. This is a great way to not only promote your business/organization & support a wonderful non-profit but you also have the opportunity to win CASH & a unique trophy!

TCC will donate a portion of this year's proceeds to Special Olympics North Carolina... a worthy cause with a long history of meaningful work!

Early registration until: Sept. 1, 2019: $27.00

Late registration after: Sept. 2, 2019: $37.00

Registration cut off: October 15th @ 11:00pm


What to bring



  • Table, tent (must have walls) & any promotional materials you wish to bring for your business or organization.

    • Remember, this is a great opportunity to promote your brand so appearance is kind of a big deal...

  • Large chili pot(s) - NSF approved - 40 qt holds 10 gallons on average

  • Outdoor cooking equipment ( propane burner, outdoor stove, propane tank(s), etc....) - a typical cast burner holds a 40 QT pot & the propane tank on average should last 7 hours

  • 15 Gallons of Chili prepared on site - meat must be browned on site, mise en place(prepped ingredients) may be prepared off site and brought to event in NSF approved containers

  • Ladle(s) for serving & a cooking thermometer

  • Any items needed for clean up of your station. Grease must be taken off site and disposed of properly. Please ensure that your cooking area is completely clean after the event


Serving cups, spoons, entry form, table number & space to set up... Please do not bring your own sample cups and spoons. You will not be able to use them, and must use the ones provided.



  • To apply you must be a restaurant, business, or organization. Individuals are not accepted.

  • You must follow the tent guidelines and also insure your heat source is properly secured and 10+ft away from any flammable material. The Fire Department requires such rules to be adhered to for the safety of competitors, attendees and volunteers. If you do not comply, you will not be allowed to compete and will be asked to leave.

  • All contestants must be on site and checking in no later than 10:00am. You may start cooking as soon as you are set up. You must unload and park your vehicle(s) before setting up.

  • You must have 15 gallons of chili for service. You must be under a 10x10 tent with walls attached per health department regulations.

  • Meat must be browned on site but other ingredients may be prepped off site. The chili must be combined and made on site ... see final rule.

  • Chili MUST be kept at 155 degrees, this is per the Wake County Health Department, there WILL be regular monitoring of temps. NO OTHER FOOD SALES ARE ALLOWED.

  • You may enter only ONE chili, best make it a good one!

  • If alcohol is used in your chili you MUST cook it off prior to service. This event is geared towards adults, but children ARE allowed to attend.

  • No cheating, cheaters are lame.




Registration Fee: $37.00

Registration cut off: October 15th, 2019 @ 11:00pm


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