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Tiffany Coley Artisan Jewelry

When the Food & Flea began back in 2013, we had 5 vendors in the cold rain of October. Tiffany Coley was one of them! Her unique style is why she does so well with us. Her edgy jewelry designs are youthful, modern and amazing.

“Tiffany Price Coley is a jewelry artist and metalsmith who begin making and designing jewelry as a hobby while working as a software engineer.  What started simply as a way to connect and network in a new city eventually grew into a passion and budding business.

She finds joy in a great cup of coffee, a board game with friends, an engaging conversation or a hike in the woods with her husband and 2 kids.  Tiffany's designs often reflect her technical background.  She is most inspired by structures, geometric shapes, and architecture.  Her designs are a wonderful juxtaposition of modern feminism and a bit of industrial edge.  Her work can be found at

Frances and Me
Meet Marianne, of Frances and Me

Meet Marianne, of Frances and Me

Marianne Donohue

Frances and Me - formerly Needle & Thread

Marianne has been with the Food & Flea for 3 years. She has been one of our most loved vendors. Not only for her extreme talent and whimsical pillows, but for her kindness and ability to make every stranger her friend. Here is her story…

Needle & Thread was born out of a love (addiction) to fabric and sewing. My Mother Frances taught me to sew when I was a little girl. She was extremely talented and creative and I believed that she could make anything.

I have sewn everything from bathing suits to my own wedding dress. But, once my kids were too old for cute little dresses I started making quilts and pillows. I see inspiration everywhere, from things in nature to a brick on the side of a building. If I have a spare minute I am either sewing or designing my next project. Beginner sewing kits, fabric portraits and collage will be making an appearance in my shop soon.

This year (2019) will mark the change of my business name to “Frances and Me”. When I started Needle & Thread I thought that it was a very clever name for a sewing business… but, so did a million other people who use the same name! Frances and Me will celebrate and incorporate my Mom’s influence in my life business. She passed away before I started my business but I know she would be my biggest fan.

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